Wind load testing EN-16002:2010


Wind load testing & Project management
for the roofing industry

Constructech´s business idea is based on an independent partnership
with material suppliers, system suppliers and organizations within the construction industry.

"The goal is to contribute with effective solutions, increased safety, and high resource utilisation. As an independent partner observing professional secrecy, we can offer our clients testing and research in a secure environment with access to suitable testing equipment, for corrosion-, wind uplift-, and axial load testing."

Fredrik Rundgren - CEO 


Constructech – an independent partner in wind load testing

We offer our costumers testing and development in a secure environment with access to suitable testing equipment and a complete workshop. Our full size wind load chamber is equipped with the most modern control system in the industry. We perform wind uplift testing according to ETAG-006/EN-16002:2010 and FM-4470 or according to customer demands.

Approved by notified body

Constructech has signed an inspection and control agreement with Sintef, notified body in Norway, resulting in continuous control of the quality management system and test equipment. Intron Certificatie B.V, notified body Netherlands, has performed an audit and accepts wind load tests according to EN-16002:2010 performed by Constructech.




We have a full range of hot air seam welders both automatic and handheld, for our customers to use.



Our test engineer assists during the installation or execute the complete installation of the test roof if this is preferred by the customer.



We assist our customers within test and approval projects for optimal performance of the roof system.


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We work with our costumer’s interest at mind. With years of know how and a rigid secrecy policy we can help in evaluating and setting up the database for your systems.

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