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Roof Calculator is a WEB based software with high flexibility for the users. In the system the client builds up his personal database of membranes, preferred fasteners and insulation solutions.

Each client account includes one administrator and up to four other users. The integrated CAD tool makes it possible for the user to create a roof plan that match the construction drawings for the project.

When the calculation is executed the user can Email or print a comprehensive report in optional language including roof plan, fixing patterns for both the insulation boards and the membrane, as well as a material list and installation guideline for the roofers. All calculations are stored in PDF format.

Roof Calculator - Quick overview

  • NA’s for 30 countries included
  • Powerful CAD tool to cover all possible roof shapes
  • Designed for flat, pitched, circular, arched and mansard roofs
  • Covers mechanical attached, bonded and ballasted roof systems
  • Language module with full flexibility
  • Field pull-out report generator for refurbishment projects with mechanical attached roof system
  • Database engine for membrane & fastener combinations designed for data from testing according to ETAG 006/EN 16002:2010

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Our ambition is to support our customers to get started quick and easy. We assist you to build your database of your roofing system including other components such as preferred fixings and insulation types.

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Presentation of the software

Download our product presentation and read all about the different features which RoofCalculator provides.