Constructech Sweden AB

Project management, material testing and development for the construction industry

As an independent partner observing professional secrecy, we can offer our clients testing and development in a secure environment with acess to suitable testing equipment, complete work shop and fixed lifting equipment with a capacity of 4 tons.



Project management

Structure, planning and follow-up are some of the most important components for an efficient and successful project. To secure this we use the project management technique Six-Sigma.




Wind-load testing

A correct design wind load is important for both safety and economy. We perform wind loadtests according to current standards as ETAG-006, FM-4470 or according to customer request.




Load tests

Constuctech has long experience of testing different types of mechanically fixed joints. In our facilities we can do both tensile and compression tests in different types of applications.




Accelerated corrosion testing - Kesternich testing

Sulphur dioxide corrosion testing in a saturated atmosphere on metallic components, are performed in a Liebisch KB 300 testing unit.




Customer adapted training programs

Specially designed training programs in combination with seminars within specific areas can be offered.




Conference and training centre

It takes both theoretical and practical training to fully understand fastening and connection techniques. We can develop suitable alternatives within our facility.




Systematic Fire Protection – Hot Work

As a from the Swedish Fire Protection certified organization, we arrange Hot Work training and issue belonging certificates.


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