RoofCalculator™ version 1.4.0

New functions in Roofcalculator version 1.4.0:

- Customer contact person visible on the first report page of the PDF Wind load calculation

- Optimizer for bonded insulation and membranes. New function which makes it possible to optimize the bonding pattern in the different zones dependent on the wind load. The automatic optimizer will suggest the best possible pattern for the different zones of the roof based on the avilible patterns in the database. 

-  New function when drawing the roof in the Roof Editor. It is possible to type in the line length and also the length of each side of a square roof area which makes it easier to draw the roof. This is espacially useful when drawing roof lights and other structures on top of the roof.

- Two new languages. Croatian and Estonian are the two latest languages implemented in Roof Calculator. We have today 17 different languages in Roof Calculator.

- Separate cover width for Free Field fixing patterns. As an option it is possible to have a seperate cover width for roof systems fixed with Free Field fixing patterns. If this option is not used the cover width for seam fix system will be used.

- Square fixing pattern. New function when working with Free Field fixing pattern, when it's preferred to work with a perfect symmetric square fixing pattern.

- Customer data base sorted in alphabetic order.