RoofCalculator™ version 1.5.3

In this new release 1.5.3 we have continued to develop RoofCalcultor with several new functions.

Refresh your browser (Ctrl + F5) in order to secure the new functions in version 1.5.3.

New Manage Database

The database manager is totally changed with new design, this to be able to fit in and show new functions such as picture ( logos/product brands, product pictures), document (f.ex.product documents and DoP documents).

Your administrator has the possibility to upload one picture and one document for each product in Manage Database. We think this can be very useful in your sales process, especially since it is mandatory with DoP documents for several components.

Since it is only possible to upload one document per product you will have to compile for example DoP and data sheet into one document before uploading.

Please contact Constructech if you need support.

Show product pictures and product specification text during the work process. To be sure how a specific product looks like and see the benefits with each product.

DoP – Declaration of Perfomance / product data sheets

Select and print preferred product documents/DoPs for the project in roofCalculator Step 4. The selected documents will be listed as an annex in the wind load calculation report. 

New design of select and print instructions

The Instruction function is updated with a new design that makes it possible to see the instruction pictures and texts when you select them for your project.

New design print and save (Step 4)

The Print and save area is redesigned with new colors which makes it easier to select. 

Improved functions with bonded insulation and membrane

Improved functions which gives better safety when you step back and change the building parameters.