Roof Calculator™ - with a user friendly step by step interface

Step 1 - Language and country

Choose your language and country.Each country can be combined with any language in the database.


Step 2 - Site location & terrain roughness

Roof Calculator guides the user to correct terrain type, wind speed and when it’s needed also the altitude for the project.


Step 3 - Building data

Fill in the data for the buildning such as height, roof type and pitch. Use the CAD editor for more advanced roof shapes.


Step 4 - Fastening method

Roof Calculator covers most of the combinations. If needed adjust the width of the membrane in the corner or perimeter zones due to the high wind pressures.


Step 5 - Wind load calculation

Control the roof plan, roof area, perimeter fixings & suggested fixing combinations. Change language in the wind load calculation for the roofers if needed.


Step 6 - Instructions

Installation instructions, as for example roof details, can be attached to the calculation, to ensure that the installation is done in a proper way.


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Our ambition is to support our customers to get started quick and easy. We assist you to build your database of your roofing system including other components such as preferred fixings and insulation types.

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Presentation of the software

Download our product presentation and read all about the different features which RoofCalculator provides.